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Some praise from some yummy clients
 (All praise below are from verifiable real emails).


Anastasia C. 

I’ve never worked with a bath and beauty creator before so this was definitely a new experience for me and I’m glad it was you for the first time.

The best part was smelling everything for the first time. It definitely invigorated my senses and made me excited to try it. I’ve used the scrub and the Apples and Roses soap so far, which both my Husband and I love!!!!!

1. The scrub does wonders for dead, dry skin without over working it. Very gentle but smooth.

2. The Soap smells amazing and it lathers well. We’ve been using a lot less soap because of how well it lathers.

3. Skin feels clean after one wash, versus 2-3 with “regular” store brand soap.


 Karen H Rice

I have tried a lot of lotions, oils and creams for my dry skin and nothing seemed to work long-term. You had been talking for a while about handmade “natural” body care products and after many “fails” I decided to order a body scrub which is something I use weekly. I was so impressed with the level of personal care you took to ensure my needs were going to be well served with the product(s) I received.

Your package arrived and my nose received a “yummy” treat. There wasn’t an extensive list of ingredients or anything I felt would irritate my skin on the label. The first week I used the scrub I noticed a silky feel my skin hadn’t had in a long time. Several weeks later, I can’t get over how much softer and hydrated my skin feel – not to mention there are less dry patches on my legs. You can’t get this level of service at the discount store!I would highly recommend this product line to anyone that wants luxury skin care, made with loving hands at a “wallet-friendly” price. I will be sending some to the special women in my life to try as well. Continued success my friend and much love.


Angelyne Davis.

I was extremely surprised by the texture, feel, and fragrance of this soap. In the past, I have used natural products with goats milk or mint, but never both at the same time.Moroccan Mint Goat’s Milk soap with poppy seeds has the quality of high end products used in most spas/salons. The poppy seeds give you a unique texture the allows for exfoliating of the skin. The lather you create with use is creamy and very fragrant. I personally felt like I was receiving a spa treatment because of the mint in the soap. Words such as soothing, serene, relaxed, calm and contentment come to mind when I recall my “Special Bathtime”  …….Ladies, if you want that woo-sah feeling while you bathe, I strongly recommend you try ChampdeFleurs Moroccan Mint Goat’s Milk Soap with Poppy Seeds!!!! And tell Ginger-Vee I sent you

I am so glad that I purchased this soap! Since I have some knowledge of the benefits of shea, mango and cocoa butter, I was super EXCITED to sample your soap. The fragrance and how my skin feels when I apply the soap has me hooked!  …..I love to sample various natural products and I now have a new favorite! Everything from the packaging, personalized note, and your emails show how much you love your product and your consumer. Honey Almond Soap is my everyday, go to soap because I feel ALIVE & VIBRANT after using it!!!! I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys having luxurious looking skin at an affordable price. I’m looking forward to your latest creations!!! Thanks Ginger-Vee…………


 Natasha Miller: I love how the soap lathers and washes off well. The scent enhances my shower experience.  It is very soothing, and leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft – Goat’s milk Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap


 Jennifer Chon: The bar of soap smells really good. It’s an awesome scent! The soap I was using before this one made my hands so dry it was to the point of peeling ): I threw away that one and opened this one and it made my skin all better!! (: I think the soap is a really good sized soap. It lasted me a good amount of time. I HIGHLY recommend this soap! – Moroccan Mint Goat’s Milk Soap ♥


Ashley Minor: I wanted to try something different, more fragrant but natural, to help my skin.  Also, my use of the turbinado sugar body scrub was awesome.  My skin was so soft and vibrant after using it. I followed up with a soap scrub with the lemon grass soap. My skin was better hydrated, less cracked and less ashy, & a reduction in eczema inflammation.

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