A 3 Ingredient Recipe for Clearer Skin & Spring Allergies

Hiya darling!

Let’s have another session shall we?

Wait….how are you doing in this Spring weather? I don’t know about you, but this weather is for the birds — sun burn and snow all in one week, oh no!

Anywho, my doctor told me I’ve got allergies (I’m in denial)…

So I tip toed into the kitchen and juiced this baby….
If you don’t have allergies like I do (wink) feel free to get into this recipe.allergy recipe
And, it’s the perfect skin detoxifier too!

2 cups Cabbage — Anti-inflammatory / Vitamin C skin brightener baby
4 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel — Antiseptic/Emollient / hydrates skin
1 Cup of Cilantro — Antihistamine / cooling skin
2 stalks celery — detoxifier / detoxifies skin

I’ve used this about 3 times a week (not that I have allergies or anything like that) and increased my water intake — it has helped me tremendously.

Feel free to share with a friend who may struggle with allergies.

My Behind the scenes update:
I’m currently in school
I’m working on a new soap technique for my permanent line**
Still working on my soap space — a slow and sure process
I’m building my website (by myself ha) all at the same time — pray for me 😉

**permanent line means I’m creating a solid line of products — this also means if I were to create a lotion and a soap, both items would consist of mostly similar ingredients — this includes aromas and/or essential oils. It would also cut down on packaging waste, time and my energy. I feel very comfortable and happy with this decision because it will allow me to assist you with your future purchases smoothly, and with more fun!


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Until we meet again darling.

Ginger xo

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