Read This The Next Time NoOne Wants To Rub Shoulders With You

It’s embarrassing I tell ya.

Someone (I won’t say who) decides to put their arms around me, and guess what they asked!
“are you cold?”
My response: “no”

my dry shoulder attack

my dry shoulder attack

A few mins later I walked away and looked at my shoulders… all I saw was ash!!!!!

How embarrassing is this!?
I thought I moisturized, I thought this was handled.  I guess not.
To have someone confuse my rough dry shoulders to goose bumps is the last thing I ever want to experience, ever again.

Here’s my remedy that took my shoulder from the top to bottom picture.

I tone my shoulders with a well diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar.  Example: 4 ounces of aloe vera juice with 1 tsp of vinegar – excellent for flakiness and dry skin.

Tip: Exfoliate with a Body Butter Scrub
before toning, then moisturize with a moisturizing oil or creme.  

We know it’s still chilly out there to use this tip at the moment.  But, I ask you, save this email when the cold air shifts and you know that those shoulders are ready for the world.

Picture it, knowing you’re about to walk into a room filled with strangers.  You make sure you’ve got your best game face on.

Feel free to let me know in the comment section what is your most embarrassing dry skin moment.  And, if you don’t have any, then tell me how do you rub shoulders in any event.  

See you in the comment section


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