Good News! Here Are 4 Sweet Alternatives to Eating Sweet Treats

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat sweet treats!

I can devour large meals in a matter of seconds – this is a surprise since as a child eating food was like pulling teeth.  These days I’m conscious about my eating and it’s working wonders for my energy and skin.

It’s the dance of flavors with every bite that thrills me and I’m sure you will agree if you had your favorite sweet snack in front of you.

Today, I want you to step into door number 3.  The door where happy sugary secrets reside and, these secrets are ones that I use as a guide in my everyday cooking, eating out, and baking. Having a bit of sweet in your life should make you happy, so here are a 4 ingredients for you to use in your everyday eating.

White Flour:

A flaky crust – warm and crispy or wrapped around meat/vegetables.  Flour is the main ingredient in most sweet treats and, are known to slow down your metabolism, increase inflammation (especially for us struggling with dry skin), arthritis and so on.  Better alternatives are, coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, amaranth flour and gluten-free flour.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar


What’s better than sugar! Well my dear, there are a few substitutes that are not high in fructose, dull the look of your skin, or insanely addicting.  Replace white sugar with coconut sugar, stevia, cinnamon, maple syrup or dates (popular in my morning smoothies).


There was one time in my life where butter was my best friend in the whole world. Now, we’ve broken up and I’m now dating coconut oil. Why yes, moderate amounts of unrefined coconut oil or applesauce are better substitutes than Mr. Clog Your Artery Butter (I will cover different types in a later post).


How I love it so! I’m sure you’ll agree that a bit of chocolate can’t hurt a couple of days in the month.  My tip, enjoy about one or two ounces of organic dark chocolate with 72% cacao in it (dairy-free of course).


My Dairy-free Hot Chocolate (for these cold days/nights)

* Stevia (few drops) / 1 tsp of maple syrup

* 8 ounces of Almond/Rice Milk

* 1 tsp raw cacao powder

Directions: Heat Almond / Rice Milk on stove top, pour into your favorite mug. Add raw cacao powder and stir in stevia / maple syrup.  And enjoy!

You see, changing your eating habits are not at all hard.  I’m never a fan of going all in so I enjoy substituting while taking my time. It will give you time to see what works best for you because the options are endless.  Remember, your foods should not deplete your energy and beauty.

Comment and let me know if you’ve tried any one of these or planning to…



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