…. I’m not claiming that!

As I look at status updates from different social platforms, it seems like the
flu/cold is having its way with people.

sweet guava fruit

sweet guava fruit

The holidays were great…
all kinds of food you might not
eat regularly showed up and showed out, enticing your palate.

But here lies the problem… most of those foods were acidic.

Take for instance eating too much animal protein.  This dulls
your beauty and increases toxins in your body!
It can surely clog your skin cells, deplete your body’s energy and cause
further skin issues like dry skin or breakouts.

It can also breakdown your immune system, invite the sniffles, that nasty cough
and other yucky cold symptoms.
Your body is simply telling you that what you’re consuming (I’m sure its tasty)
is increasing acid build up in your system thus, causing you to get sick and feel

I can go on and on about which foods can increase your chances of becoming sick,
or breaking out, feeling constipated and the like.

My Advice

Strive this whole year to incorporate the 80-20 eating rule:

80 percent alkaline forming foods + 20 percent acid-forming foods.

Alkaline Foods
Ripe Fruits
Other Vegetables

Very Acidic Foods
Dairy and its band of dairy products
Smoking Nicotine
Artificial Sweeteners (yes, the ones at the restaurant and diners too)

The moral of this story is

  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more radiant your skin will look (and the more younger too!)
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more energy you will have (if you think you’ve got a lot already, decreasing acidic foods will shoot you over the moon)
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the less breakouts
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more your body will be in cleanse mode.
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the less trouble the body has losing weight

And so on…

That’s all i’ve got my friend
Feel free to choose one friend to forward this to, and I will see you in the next post.


In order to Become Younger, many of one’s habits
must be changed.  To do this constructively, one can
do it only with an open mind and with
the wholehearted desire to see if it really works.
A closed mind… a mind which has made it a practice to frown
on radical changes in thought, habits and actions, is the greatest
stumbling block towards any progress on the
road to Become Younger

– Dr. Norman Walker “Becoming Younger”

I think I Caught The Cold Help

2 thoughts on “I think I Caught The Cold Help

  1. Thank you for this I really like reading your post especially the part about the eating 80/20 rule I’m currently on a fast and have adopted more fruits and veggies no meat, soda or processed sugars. This helps alot. :):)!!!!!!!!!!

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