Yep, I know it’s the holidays…
Endless amounts of food dripping in goodness.

juice foam

juice foam

You may try to squeeze in a healthy drink here and there but, there is one thing you might be doing incorrectly when drinking your juice.  And, by juice I mean the kind pressed from a
juicer at home or at a juice bar.

What is it?
It’s Chewing your juice.  

Whenever you chew your juice, saliva releases to help deliver nutrients to your blood cells.
This has a lot to do with how well your skin looks, this is key.


Swish around in your mouth for a couple secs then chew as if you
were chomping on a piece of food.  Swallow
And that’s it!

Have it on an empty stomach for bigger skin boost.

I hope you now enjoy your smoothies and vegetable juices even more.

What’s New In Store

What happens when you combine a luxury body butter with delicious sea salt + sugar?

cinnamon orange clove butter scrub

cinnamon orange clove butter scrub

A new body scrub is in store to exfoliate and deeply moisturize dry feet.  You know, the kind that snags the sheets and looks a tad too much rugged.
It happens to the best of us.  Visit my shop here.

p.s. Did you know? Adding a little bit of scrub to your pumice
adds exfoliating power.  Not too much pressure, just as light
as can be…

One Thing Missing From Your Juicing Session

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