I take a stand for dry skin

picking healthy produce by OJO_Images

picking healthy produce by OJO_Images

I’m publicly expressing my opinion on dry skin.

Every day I see my beautiful creative and brilliant women putting most of their focus on their art/gifts.

It’s such a joy to see passion up close and personal at salons, art events, vendor booths, behind a camera lens and so on.  However, what bothers me most is that other parts of their lives go unattended.  Sure, we’ve got money to make and people to wow, but not taking care of our sacred selves on a regular basis creates depletion and dullness.

Let me explain what I mean. I’m a handmade creator of bath products. My determination runs so deep within me that I spend countless hours in a day crafting the perfect product.  This means I spend hours on social media, designing labels, mixing ingredients, answering client questions, writing new blog posts (such as this) and so on.  With all the things I’ve got to do to make sure my business runs smoothly I neglect nourishing my body and my spirit.

Now I’ve struggled with dry skin for many years now and it has gotten worse when I started my business (sad to say). Fortunately, I’ve realized that I need to have my system working in great condition so that my business and other areas in my life can flourish.  Overtime when skin becomes dry it’s a sign that our liver has slowed down and our intestines are sluggish.

This means grabbing whatever is quick and easy to eat, and not necessarily the best choices either.  Sometimes, drinking water and resting is an issue.

So, I take a stand for my creative women

I take a stand for hard-working brilliant women with a gift the world wants to see.

I take a stand for us taking better care of our bodies, nourishing every part of us with foods that will not only give us energy but add a beautiful glow at functions and events honoring your successes.

I take a stand for taking responsibility for our body and making quite sure that we rest when our bodies need it

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Until then my creative goddess..

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