A 3 Ingredient Recipe for Clearer Skin & Spring Allergies

Hiya darling!

Let’s have another session shall we?

Wait….how are you doing in this Spring weather? I don’t know about you, but this weather is for the birds — sun burn and snow all in one week, oh no!

Anywho, my doctor told me I’ve got allergies (I’m in denial)…

So I tip toed into the kitchen and juiced this baby….
If you don’t have allergies like I do (wink) feel free to get into this recipe.allergy recipe
And, it’s the perfect skin detoxifier too!

2 cups Cabbage — Anti-inflammatory / Vitamin C skin brightener baby
4 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel — Antiseptic/Emollient / hydrates skin
1 Cup of Cilantro — Antihistamine / cooling skin
2 stalks celery — detoxifier / detoxifies skin

I’ve used this about 3 times a week (not that I have allergies or anything like that) and increased my water intake — it has helped me tremendously.

Feel free to share with a friend who may struggle with allergies.

My Behind the scenes update:
I’m currently in school
I’m working on a new soap technique for my permanent line**
Still working on my soap space — a slow and sure process
I’m building my website (by myself ha) all at the same time — pray for me ūüėČ

**permanent line means I’m creating a solid line of products — this also means if I were to create a lotion and a soap, both items would consist of mostly similar ingredients — this includes aromas and/or essential oils. It would also cut down on packaging waste, time and my energy. I feel very comfortable and happy with this decision because it will allow me to assist you with your future purchases smoothly, and with more fun!


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Read This The Next Time NoOne Wants To Rub Shoulders With You

It’s embarrassing I tell ya.

Someone (I won’t say who) decides to put their arms around me, and guess what they asked!
“are you cold?”
My response: “no”

my dry shoulder attack

my dry shoulder attack

A few mins later I walked away and looked at my shoulders… all I saw was ash!!!!!

How embarrassing is this!?
I thought I moisturized, I thought this was handled.  I guess not.
To have someone confuse my rough dry shoulders to goose bumps is the last thing I ever want to experience, ever again.

Here’s my remedy that took my shoulder from the top to bottom picture.

I tone my shoulders with a well diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar.  Example: 4 ounces of aloe vera juice with 1 tsp of vinegar – excellent for flakiness and dry skin.

Tip: Exfoliate with a Body Butter Scrub
before toning, then moisturize with a moisturizing oil or creme.  
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Good News! Here Are 4 Sweet Alternatives to Eating Sweet Treats

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat sweet treats!

I can devour large meals in a matter of seconds – this is a surprise since as a child eating food was like pulling teeth.  These days I’m conscious about my eating and it’s working wonders for my energy and skin.

It’s the dance of flavors with every bite that thrills me and I’m sure you will agree if you had your favorite sweet snack in front of you.

Today, I want you to step into door number 3.  The door where happy sugary secrets reside and, these secrets are ones that I use as a guide in my everyday cooking, eating out, and baking. Having a bit of sweet in your life should make you happy, so here are a 4 ingredients for you to use in your everyday eating.

White Flour:

A flaky crust – warm and crispy or wrapped around meat/vegetables.  Flour is the main ingredient in most sweet treats and, are known to slow down your metabolism, increase inflammation (especially for us struggling with dry skin), arthritis and so on.  Better alternatives are, coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, amaranth flour and gluten-free flour.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar


What’s better than sugar! Well my dear, there are a few substitutes that are not high in fructose, dull the look of your skin, or insanely addicting.  Replace white sugar with coconut sugar, stevia, cinnamon, maple syrup or dates (popular in my morning smoothies).


There was one time in my life where butter was my best friend in the whole world. Now, we’ve broken up and I’m now dating coconut oil. Why yes, moderate amounts of unrefined coconut oil or applesauce are better substitutes than Mr. Clog Your Artery Butter (I will cover different types in a later post).


How I love it so! I’m sure you’ll agree that a bit of chocolate can’t hurt a couple of days in the month.  My tip, enjoy about one or two ounces of organic dark chocolate with 72% cacao in it (dairy-free of course).


My Dairy-free Hot Chocolate (for these cold days/nights)

* Stevia (few drops) / 1 tsp of maple syrup

* 8 ounces of Almond/Rice Milk

* 1 tsp raw cacao powder

Directions: Heat Almond / Rice Milk on stove top, pour into your favorite mug. Add raw cacao powder and stir in stevia / maple syrup.  And enjoy!

You see, changing your eating habits are not at all hard.  I’m never a fan of going all in so I enjoy substituting while taking my time. It will give you time to see what works best for you because the options are endless.  Remember, your foods should not deplete your energy and beauty.

Comment and let me know if you’ve tried any one of these or planning to…



…. I’m not claiming that!

As I look at status updates from different social platforms, it seems like the
flu/cold is having its way with people.

sweet guava fruit

sweet guava fruit

The holidays were great…
all kinds of food you might not
eat regularly showed up and showed out, enticing your palate.

But here lies the problem… most of those foods were acidic.

Take for instance eating too much animal protein.  This dulls
your beauty and increases toxins in your body!
It can surely clog your skin cells, deplete your body’s energy and cause
further skin issues like dry skin or breakouts.

It can also breakdown your immune system, invite the sniffles, that nasty cough
and other yucky cold symptoms.
Your body is simply telling you that what you’re consuming (I’m sure its tasty)
is increasing acid build up in your system thus, causing you to get sick and feel

I can go on and on about which foods can increase your chances of becoming sick,
or breaking out, feeling constipated and the like.

My Advice

Strive this whole year to incorporate the 80-20 eating rule:

80 percent alkaline forming foods + 20 percent acid-forming foods.

Alkaline Foods
Ripe Fruits
Other Vegetables

Very Acidic Foods
Dairy and its band of dairy products
Smoking Nicotine
Artificial Sweeteners (yes, the ones at the restaurant and diners too)

The moral of this story is

  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more radiant your skin will look (and the more younger too!)
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more energy you will have (if you think you’ve got a lot already, decreasing acidic foods will shoot you over the moon)
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the less breakouts
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the more your body will be in cleanse mode.
  • the more alkaline foods you eat = the less trouble the body has losing weight

And so on…

That’s all i’ve got my friend
Feel free to choose one friend to forward this to, and I will see you in the next post.


In order to Become Younger, many of one’s habits
must be changed.  To do this constructively, one can
do it only with an open mind and with
the wholehearted desire to see if it really works.
A closed mind… a mind which has made it a practice to frown
on radical changes in thought, habits and actions, is the greatest
stumbling block towards any progress on the
road to Become Younger

– Dr. Norman Walker “Becoming Younger”

I think I Caught The Cold Help

Yep, I know it’s the holidays…
Endless amounts of food dripping in goodness.

juice foam

juice foam

You may try to squeeze in a healthy drink here and there but, there is one thing you might be doing incorrectly when drinking your juice.  And, by juice I mean the kind pressed from a
juicer at home or at a juice bar.

What is it?
It’s Chewing your juice. ¬†

Whenever you chew your juice, saliva releases to help deliver nutrients to your blood cells.
This has a lot to do with how well your skin looks, this is key.


Swish around in your mouth for a couple secs then chew as if you
were chomping on a piece of food.  Swallow
And that’s it!

Have it on an empty stomach for bigger skin boost.

I hope you now enjoy your smoothies and vegetable juices even more.

What’s New In Store

What happens when you combine a luxury body butter with delicious sea salt + sugar?

cinnamon orange clove butter scrub

cinnamon orange clove butter scrub

A new body scrub is in store to exfoliate and deeply moisturize dry feet.  You know, the kind that snags the sheets and looks a tad too much rugged.
It happens to the best of us.  Visit my shop here.

p.s. Did you know? Adding a little bit of scrub to your pumice
adds exfoliating power.  Not too much pressure, just as light
as can be…

One Thing Missing From Your Juicing Session

It doesn’t have to be a long session

nor does it have to be effective in slow motion

tight energy in one room with laughter and,

and screams of yes! yes!

You always ¬†know what I’m thinking…

and yet, you’re always surprised by my magnificence

let’s make art and watch it explode

…walking away with my heart

with hopes to return again

Enjoy and comment… tell me what this video called you to feel below. ¬†I will enjoy reading and replying


What Jay-Z taught me about making love

Here’s to Staying on Course

I’m on this on and off journey. You know, the one where chips and salads are involved and the need to be healthy is deep.

There is so much going on with my new move to Chicago; the house is still not put away, work men are in and out daily and my sleep is always interrupted.

So, I eat random things…

strawberries soaking in my plant based wash

strawberries soaking in my plant based wash

I try to eat “healthy” chips and so on but I’m so aggravated at the way things are going.

Here’s to taking extra time in washing my fruits and veges.

Here’s to voicing what I need when I need it.¬†

Here’s to not being so hard on myself because it will all be over soon. (you know how stressful a move can be).

Here’s to a random person complaining that they’ve never seen bubbles while washing their fruits…

Here’s to looking at everything with fun and joy.


So I ask, how do you add ease into a stressful time?

Comment Below

Until Then

Stay on course

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I take a stand for dry skin

picking healthy produce by OJO_Images

picking healthy produce by OJO_Images

I’m publicly expressing my opinion on dry skin.

Every day I see my beautiful creative and brilliant women putting most of their focus on their art/gifts.

It’s such a joy to see passion up close and personal at salons, art events, vendor booths, behind a camera lens and so on. ¬†However, what bothers me most is that other parts of their lives go unattended. ¬†Sure, we’ve got money to make and people to wow, but not taking care of our sacred selves on a regular basis creates depletion and dullness.

Let me explain what I mean. I’m a handmade creator of bath products. My determination runs so deep within me that I spend countless hours in a day crafting the perfect product. ¬†This means I spend hours on social media, designing labels, mixing ingredients, answering client questions, writing new blog posts (such as this) and so on. ¬†With all the things I’ve got to do to make sure my business runs smoothly I neglect nourishing my body and my spirit.

Now I’ve struggled with dry skin for many years now and it has gotten worse when I started my business (sad to say). Fortunately, I’ve realized that I need to have my system working in great condition so that my business and other areas in my life can flourish. ¬†Overtime when skin becomes dry it’s a sign that our liver has slowed down and our intestines are sluggish.

This means grabbing whatever is quick and easy to eat, and not necessarily the best choices either.  Sometimes, drinking water and resting is an issue.

So, I take a stand for my creative women

I take a stand for hard-working brilliant women with a gift the world wants to see.

I take a stand for us taking better care of our bodies, nourishing every part of us with foods that will not only give us energy but add a beautiful glow at functions and events honoring your successes.

I take a stand for taking responsibility for our body and making quite sure that we rest when our bodies need it

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Until then my creative goddess..